Buccaneer Buddies

TBAG launched The Buccaneer Buddies Supporters Scheme back in January.

Since then it has gained 95 members and has raised £17,500 to see TBAG through the COVID restrictions that have seriously limited our ability to raise income to meet our operating costs.

In 2022, TBAG are planning to hold one, possibly two, days reserved for our Buddie supporters. The first is set at May 14th! I hope to see as many of you as possible there!

David Heath and Ed Whitaker, the last heroic crew to fly XW544, drew the following names out of the traditional hat for a back seat during the anti det system/engine run or runs planned for the day:

1 …. Neville Grigg

2 …. Graham Hoddinott

3 …. Bill Kingsmill

Terry Gazzard gave up his place based on the fact that he used to do this professionally.  Good man!

I will be in touch.

Just a reminder that those of you with annual membership that joined before July 3rd, 2021 are all good til July 2nd, 2022.

The Buccaneer Buddies Supporters Scheme provides the opportunity for supporters to contribute to the preservation of two Blackburn Buccaneers by The Buccaneer Aviation Group at Cotswold Airport in return for a range of rewards.

The rewards are outlined in the image below, with every supporter receiving a certificate.

For more information, contact Sharon, our Buddies Admin at buccaneerbuddies2022@gmail.com

FINALLY – Please don’t forget to look at our book!

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