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XN923 S.1 – RAE West Freugh 1970s – Anti-Flash White, Roundel Blue & Dayglo Orange

Drawn by Jake Wallace

S.1 XN923 was mainly used as a trials airframe throughout its career, being painted in anti-flash white with a roundel blue colour on the fin, wing tips and the intermediate section, plus Dayglo orange on the nose cone, wing tips and two strips on the fin.

After many near-misses with the scrap man, XN923 finally moved into preservation at Gatwick Aviation Museum in the 1990s. Today, this airframe is kept in a running condition, and remains the worlds only runnable S.1 Buccaneer.

XV160 S.2B – RAF Honington 1977 – White, Dark Sea Grey & Light Aircraft Grey

Drawn by Jake Wallace

XV160 was the only Buccaneer to receive this unique arctic camouflage colours in 1977 when stationed at RAF Honington.

Unfortunately, this airframe ended up stalling and entering a flat spin whilst climbing rather steeply away from its target. Thankfully both the Pilot and Observer ejected, resulting in XV160 ploughing into the cliffs just short of the target area.

XX889 S.2B – RAF Lossiemouth 1993 – Overall Camouflage Grey, Dark Sea Grey & Light Aircraft Grey

Drawn by Jake Wallace

After XX889 returned from the Gulf War, it was painted in 12 Sqn overall camouflage grey with dark sea grey on the nose cone, ailerons and rudder with a very faint light aircraft grey underside.

Today, XX889 currently wears the desert pink colours and is in storage at RAF Cosford, awaiting road move to South Wales Aviation Museum (SWAM).

ZU-BCR (XW987) S.2B – Thunder City, Cape Town International Airport 2012 – Overall High Gloss Black

Drawn by Jake Wallace

When ZU-BCR was delivered to Thunder City in the late 1990s, it was re-painted in overall black with a high gloss finish as part of an agreement with Shell. When this agreement ended, the Shell logos were removed from the airframe.

Ex-XW987 still remains in this scheme today and is currently up for sale.

XX897 S.2B – Atlantic Air Adventures, Shannon 2017 – European Aviation Colours

Drawn by Jake Wallace

Built purely for the Royal Radar Establishment, XX897 was fitted with a Tornado F.2 nose for radar trials for the Tornado F.2 and F.3.

When the airframe was sold to Quicksilver in 1998, XX897 was able to be kept undercover by European Aviation as long as Quicksilver painted it in the European Aviation colours. So in the late 1990s, the airframe gained an overall silver colour with the European Aviation colours on the tail, white over the end of the fuselage, red covering most of the fin followed by a pink stripe and four silver stripes. The top side of the wings was sanded but not repainted, showing the faint colour of Zinc Chromate. All RAF roundels were removed along with the serial number, which moved to the inside of the nose gear door.

XX897 retains these colours today at Atlantic Air Adventures in Shannon, Ireland where it can be seen on display.

XX894 S.2B – Cotswold Airport 2021 – Overall Extra Dark Sea Grey

Drawn by Jake Wallace

Painted by the RAF in 809 NAS markings, representing Buccaneer XV869 ‘020’ in 1994 to commemorate the Buccaneers service with both the Royal Navy and Royal Air Force.

XX894 was last repainted in 2013/14 by TBAG, and still holds these commemorative markings today.

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