Displayed Aircraft at Cotswold Airport

There are a small handful of preserved aircraft alongside our two Buccaneers cockpit section at Cotswold Airport…

On display at the control tower is Folland Gnat XP502, painted to represent Red Arrow XR540. This airframe is also under the care of TBAG.

In between the control tower and the AV8 Café you will find Hawker Hunter T.8C XE665. Like the Canberra and Gnat, XE665 is also under the care of TBAG.

An exhibit that is hard to miss on-site, is ex-British Airways Boeing 747-436 G-CIVB, ‘Negus’ which is situated behind the AV8 Café. Negus is often open for tours during the summer months.

As you make your way towards G-Site, you will notice the Bristol Britannia XM496 ‘Regulus’, which is a privately owned aircraft looked after by the Bristol Britannia XM496 Preservation Society.

Opposite the Bristol Britannia are two McDonnel Douglas Phantoms belonging to the British Phantom Aviation Group (BPAG), awaiting their restoration journeys. FG.1 XT597 and FGR.2 XT905 with a third on the way from Manstion.

Sat next to the Buccaneers on G-site is English Electric Canberra PR.9 XH134, which is currently under the care of TBAG. A small number of volunteers keep it looking clean and presentable. Up until mid 2022, XH134 companied by her sister XH135 before it was reduced to a cockpit section and moved to Norfolk.