November ’21 Update:

The 2021 season of Public Events is now closed.

Thank you to all who attended and formed part of this historic TBAG year!

We successfully held a number of Fast Taxi Runs along 08, and airside, over on our G-Site pan, Anti-Det System and Engine runs took place which also allowed time for both Buccaneer and Canberra photographic opportunities.

October saw our first Nightshoot fronted by TimeLine Events.

A great day was shared with the Airport in September as they celebrated a Battle of Britain Day fly-in wonderful weather.  Our cockpit section proved a great hit with young and old over by the 747 and AV8.  We hope to make more appearances in 2022 over by AV8.

Despite all the year threw at us, TBAG were able to redeem a great number of Crowdfunder rewards in 2021. Places on the 2022 programme will be offered to those outstanding guys first, as you would expect.  I will be asking for preferences starting next week!

Although pressure on back seats is at its limit, there will be plenty of places available to come along and get close and personal for those who want to feel the noise and take that close up of the jets.

Although a couple of PRIVATE events are in the early planning stages for early 2022, our first PUBLIC event is planned for APRIL 16th.  That will give the Engineering and Operations team time to prepare the jets.  Our Number One priority is to keep them both in excellent operating condition despite all the pressures of the commercial world around us.  I am 100% sure you all agree with that.

As always T&C’s will apply but TBAG always have and always will DO OUR BEST to bring the Buccaneers ALIVE!  That’s what your crowdfunding and other generous donations and membership of the Buccaneer Buddies clearly told us that what you wanted TBAG to continue to do. 

SO BE IT …. ON WE GO TO 2022!


ALL PUBLIC EVENTS will be ticket-only due to security and safety reasons. They can only be purchased through this page or through a ticket agent such as Eventbrite.

PRIVATE EVENTS such as Nightshoots will be administered by the Nightshoot Organiser and tickets only available through their web-sites BUT the event will be advertised on this page.

Other Events:

  • TBAG has an award-winning travelling “Mobile Exhibition Unit” the highlight being the Cockpit Section of Buccaneer XW550. This allows the public to gain access to the flying controls, and wearing our “flying helmets” you are ready for that picture.
  • 2022 TBAG are proposing to attend the Abingdon Show in September. Tickets through the Abingdon Show team.

For further information about the facilities available at Cotswold Airport and their opening times, please refer to Cotswold Airport’s website or Cotswold Airport’s Facebook page.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about past/future events, please fill in the form below, and TBAG Admin will be in touch within 24 hours. In the event of any difficulty, please contact or 07785 282440.

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