The Buccaneer Aviation Group, TBAG, is a not-for-profit preservation group of volunteers knows as the ‘T-BAGGERS’ who keep two ex-RAF Buccaneers in taxiable condition at Cotswold Airport in Gloucestershire. TBAG is the world’s only aircraft preservation group dedicated to the Blackburn Buccaneer who help and support other projects of which some are not all Buccaneer related > TBAG’s Projects.

XX894 and XW544 were once separate groups when the airframes arrived by road to Bruntingthorpe, XX894 in 2003 (on its second visit) and XW544 in 2004. The two groups both had the same goal which was to get their non running aircraft back to full taxiable condition once again. With having the same goal, both groups worked closely together on restoring each other’s aircraft to get them both back to running order, and around 2010, this became a reality!

In 2011, the groups merged together and became The Buccaneer Aviation Group, by this point, the group also looked after Buccaneer XX889 owned by Gary Spoors.

In 2020, Bruntingthorpe’s days of seeing vintage cold war jets fast taxi along the runway sadly came to an end. After much discussion, and kind invitation, The Buccaneer Aviation Group elected to move both XX894 and XW544 to Cotswold Airport (former RAF Kemble) as this prospering location will allow both aircraft to continue doing what they do best…. blasting down the runway!

Over the days 20th & 21st August, both aircraft were road moved to Cotswold airport to begin their new chapter in preservation!

Onwards and upwards…!

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